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Connect to EXX Testnet on Metamask

In order to view and operate on the EXX testnet, you will need to add our RPC and other credentials to your Metamask.

You can either add EXX network automatically on EXXscanor add mannually.

In this tutorial, we will cover how to add manually.

How to Add Manually

  1. Open Metamask extension or the app on mobile.
  1. Click on the Networks, then click on Add network or Custom RPC whatever your version shows.


  1. Enter EXX Testnet as the network name

  2. Enter for the RPC

  3. Enter 47 for the chain ID

  4. Enter EXX for the currency symbol

  5. Enter for the Block explorer then save.


  1. Save and start using EXX.

How to add on EXXscan

  1. Proceed to the explorer

  2. Scroll to the buttom and find the button showing Add to Metamask.


  1. Click on Add to Metamask and then you will now be connected to the EXX testnet on your metamask wallet.