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EXX is the finest platform to build your decentralised Applications. EXX Network is the architecture for building web3 solutions aimed at speeding up and accelerating global web3 adoption. Start building on EXX and together, let’s eliminate the blockers of adoption, and help more users delve into the world of web3 without fear or distrust.

This documentation is the guide that you need to explore the EXX blockchain. In it, you will find useful resources, links, tutorials and instructions that will help you navigate the network.

Developer Starter

Using EXX is easy. If you're an Ethereum Developer, you can develop with EXX. All the tools that you are familiar with are supported on the blockchain. Namely; Truffle, Remix, Web3js, Ethersjs etc.

All EXX Test network related details can be found in the network docs

See a full tutorial on building a decentralised application

This tutorial is a brief introduction to full stack development on the blockchain. This procedure will allow you to be able to develop and deploy your dapps on the EVM, testnet or even the mainnet.

Already have a dApp?

Migrate from Ethereum chain or any EVM compatible chain. Deploy all your smart contracts directly on the EXX Network. You don't have to worry about the underlying architecture, as long as it is EVM compatible!