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User Dashboard

The user dashboard is a web interface wallet created to help new users specially to explore possibilities on EXX. It is a complete suite of applications for all common transactions on EXX network.

How to use the Dashboard

The dashboard is simple to use as it was designed for new users with an easy to understand interface.

  1. Go to

  2. Connect your wallet using any of the supported wallets available.

  3. You can connect using any of the networks supported depending on what you want to do. In our case, we have:

    • EXX network
    • Ethereum network
    • BSC network

What you can do using the dashboard

  1. Get an overview of your account
  2. Send and receive tokens on EXX network
  3. You can bridge tokens across different chains
  4. You can port your favorite tokens to EXX network
  5. You can contact support