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Validator Guide

How validators confirm transactions on EXX Testnet.

How Proof of Staked Authority works

EXX Testnet became Proof of Staked Authority on the 17th of December 2022 where the team upgraded the blockchain from Proof of Authority to an automated Proof of Authority - PoSA which is the Lagos Upgrade

How to become a validator

In EXX Testnet, you can become a validator if you are approved via an application process.

Run a Validator node

This document will help you to setup a validator node.

IMPORTANT:Ubuntu 18 or later versions required.


After you have everything installed. Lets start by generating keystore

Clone keypair-utill repo

Open linux terminal by pressing Ctrl+Alt+T key


You are in terminal create a dir by mkdir workspace. And go to that directory by cd workspace.

now clone the git repos here by

git clone
git clone

These two consecutive commands will clone two different repo keypair-utill, consensus-system.


cd exxpoas-keypair-util
node keygen.js

Answer all the question and There is your seed phrase generated. Copy it and STORE in a safe place

Now copy keystore folder from cp ./blockchain/.ethereum/keystore /home/$user/.ethereum

Initialize the genesis file using the command below

geth init exxpoas-keypair-util/blockchain/genesis.json

Now, create a service file named as exx_geth.service in the following location -- /usr/lib/systemd/system

Description=Ethereum go client
ExecStart=geth --config /root/exx/config.toml --datadir /root/.ethereum/ --mine --allow-insecure-unlock --unlock 0xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx --password /root/exx/password.txt --nat extip:[ip address]

after creating the file save it and then run the following commands -

sudo systemctl daemon-reload
sudo systemctl start exx_geth.service