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General FAQs

What is EXX Network?

EXX network is the blockchain architecture for accelerating global web3 adoption under the Exxample, Inc initiative. The network is cross-chain compatible with Proof of Staked Authority consensus mechanism ensuring security, maximum scalabilty and decentralization.

Where can I see the whitepaper?

The whitepaper can be found at

Where can I take a look at the BNB Smart Chain code? Is there a GitHub repository?

The codebase of BSC is open-sourced here on:

What consensus mechanism does EXX network use?

EXX network is backed by an innovative Proof of Staked Authority (PoSA) which is a combination of Go-Ethereum's Clique and an implementation of Cosmos's secure staking and governance Proof of Stake mechanism.

Where can I find some support?

What are the official channels for communication and information?

Wallet Supporting EXX network

How does EXX network work?

EXX network relies on the benefits of PoSA consensus model to create a sustainable blockchain infrastructure for accelerating web3 adoption. EXX uses fewer validators (21) based on its Proof of Authority model and secures the network from centralization through staking and governance mechanism provided by Cosmos.

What is Proof of Staked Authority(PoSA)?

Proof of Staked Authority is a combination of Proof of Authority and Proof of Stake. Blocks are produced by a limited set of validators following the Proof of Authority model. These validators are elected in and out through governance protocol. There is another set of validators which are 'reserved', they are called the Validator Candidates.

What are the benefits of building on EXX?

EXX network is especially designed for developers to build the future of applications. Our focus is to bring more people into the web3 space as developers and users. We achieve this by creating a robust ecosystem of developers through incubation and thorough training of young minds, converting them to useful web3 talents.

  • Short block time implying faster blockchain transactions.
  • Secure and community driven ecosystem.
  • Developer and user focused blockchain.
  • Product focused ecosystem.
  • Web3 Adoption driven: Bringing more people to web3.

What does EVM compatibility mean?

EVM means Ethereum Virtual Machine, meaning that EXX is compatible with the ethereum stack. Any smart contract written to run in EVM can be easily deployed and run on EXX network.

What are Pegged tokens on EXX network?

EXX Pegged tokens are tokens that are originally built in other chains and are now brought into EXX network for users to hold and transact with their favorite tokens while enjoying the fluidity and other benefits of the EXX network. These tokens are 100% backed by actual tokens on their primary networks which are on public addresses.

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